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“BITTEKHNIKA” LLC was founded in 1996. Through all these years of successful experience we have developed a sustainable manufacturing system of oilfield equipment. 
3 November 2023
Exhibitor of 2023 ADIPEC

Address: 395 Ya, Shosse Kosmonavtov Str., Perm, Russia, 614065
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Run-in with the mechanical cutter, ZTRV retriever engages and recovers severed parts of tubing up to 16t in a single run.


Be careful with setting depth, since, the retriever precludes upward motion, once set.
In case of premature anchoring (with slips), slightly pull the tool up (approx 90 mm/ the retriever doesn`t allow substantial upward motion); when slips retract, continue with running in.  

The retriever engages severed part of the tubing and recovers it together with the cutter. 
If, for some reason, cutoff has failed, disengage the fish by overpulling approximately 1...1.5t over retriever`s load capacity in order to shear the bolts. If, even after bolt shearing, the fish is still engaged, slack off the workstring until it freely goes down and then pull it out of hole.
When the fish is retrieved at the surface, release retriever off the fish by pushing it forward (towards the nut). Then, disconnect the retriever, clean it, grease threads, slip guideways, check slips for unconstrained motion and reliable latch of the slips to the slots. Put the tool in a tool box for the next time. 
In case of emergency retrieval, partially disassemble the tool and replace shear bolts. For that, unscrew locking screw and remove crossover, remove spring with spacers, and pull out a pusher.  
Remove heads of the the shear bolts from the pusher, and rods of the shorn bolts from cone sleeve. Install the pusher into appropriate slots of the cone sleeve, align orifices and screw new bolts in until tight. Assemble in reverse order.

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