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“BITTEKHNIKA” LLC was founded in 1996. Through all these years of successful experience we have developed a sustainable manufacturing system of oilfield equipment. 
3 November 2023
Exhibitor of 2023 ADIPEC

Address: 395 Ya, Shosse Kosmonavtov Str., Perm, Russia, 614065
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YaGt hydraulic tubing anchor provides a fixed anchor point within the borehole to assist in the performance of mud motor by precluding its axial movement and twists caused by reactive torque. Run in conjunction with mud motor and hydraulic internal pipe cutter on small size pipes or coiled tubing, It is made up immediately after the mud motor or PDM (PDM 54 or 57). 


The Hydraulic Tubing Anchor consists of body, spring-fed slips (12 springs and 6 slips) retained by planks (2 pcs) secured with screws (9 pcs) and seals (6 pcs). The anchor is installed immediately after the mud motor. Increasing the flow at the surface generates a back pressure at the tool (chamber), which activates the slip mechanism and sets the slips against the tubing wall. With circulation decrease, the pressure drops and slips retracts away inside the tool body (in running position). 

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Technical data
To cart Code Max D of outcome, in Nominal D of pipes, in OD, in Length, ft Weight, lb
YAGT-73 2.52 2.87 2.24 1.14 11.46
YAGT-89 3.13 3.5 2.75 1.31 20.5
YAGT-102 3.78 4.0 3.15 1.73 29.76
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